We are a private deep sea fishing charter business located on the warm Gulf coast fishing waters. our 41 ft. craft is powered by twin diesel engines for your personal safety, and fast out to the fishing areas,
 and a quick return to the dock. Last updated, 10/21/2015

 Your ultimate fun filled deep sea fishing adventure charter service , located on the warm tropical Gulf waters of  SW Florida in Fort Myers beach
Day and night time fishing 


Fishin Fever  is docked in Fort Myers Beach Fl   239-357-2507

Shark,  grouper and much more

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deep sea fishing with fishin fever

    We are a private fishing charter business located on the warm gulf coast fishing waters. 41 ft. craft is powered by twin diesel engines for your personal safety, and fast out to the fishing areas, and a quick return to the dock.

  The cabin is air conditioned for your comfort. we also have a private restroom on board. for mixed parties. the Fishin Fever  has a large comfortable fishing deck that is shaded for sun comfort as well as occasional rain shower.

    Fishin Fever is equipped with the modern electronics, such as depth finders, fish finders, G P S, radios, electronic navigational charting.
  Capt. Donnie Jones has been fishing theses waters for 35 years, and most of our charters are from well satisfied fisherman from former customers.

 We furnish all equipment needed for your fishing experience. lic., rods, reels, bait, and chum, (You may bring your own favorite reliable rod if you wish.) You just bring your beverage, and snacks. the rest we take care of,
  The friendly mate will bait your hook, change your bait, help you with tips on fishing, or if asked, will even help the children or elderly, of any one else seen struggling with the big whopper they have hooked.

 The mate will remove your fish, re bait the hook, and your back fishing for the next fish,  he will mark your fish and put it on a large well iced fish box, This way on the return to the dock, no question of who's fish is who's, or who caught the biggest, for bragging rites. At the dock the mate will clean, and prepare your fish for your trip home.

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We welcome you to book your fun chartered deep sea fishing trips with  Captain Donnie Jones of the Original fishin fever , the bait is always fresh, and we'll keep it on for you.




deep sea fishing with fishin fever